The Yanish Weekly: Jaxson Dart Axes no. 13 LSU

LSU (no. 13) versus Ole Miss (no. 20)

This last week, while finishing my full evaluation of Ole Miss quarterback (QB) Jaxson Dart, I was left with a thirst for more. Ask and you shall receive is what they say. That is exactly just what I got.

The Game-

Things started off fast, getting home going for it on fourth and goal with a quick pass to his running back (RB) Quinshon Judkins. Things ended just as quickly when Jaxson Dart put Ole Miss on his shoulders and led three TD drives in the fourth quarter alone.

Through just five games this season, Dart has 11 TDs through the air versus just 2 ints. He also has added 4 TDs on the ground. Not bad numbers considering three of those games have been versus ranked competition in Tulane, Alabama, and now LSU. The 4-1 win/loss record is also what stands out. After all, that is the most important stat when it comes to this game.

The Scouting Perspective

Dart possesses every trait that you look for in a new-age QB. A quicker release, pin-point accuracy, and extremely dangerous feet are just a few. Timing-based footwork with classic overall mechanics. He also has the heart and urgency in his play to come from behind and win, when it matters.

Dart does it without playground drop backs and sidearm throws like is all the fad thesdays. He also competes with poise and consistency. Call me old-fashioned, but I love it.

Just to get down to it, this kid can play.

For the win

He has shown that he can hang with some of the best college football has to offer. If he were at one of the more well known programs in the country, the sports media would be all over this.

That just goes to show you what can happen with some of these prospects getting overshadowed across this country. It also goes to prove just how unfair it is that some do not get the attention that they are well deserving of. Just like it is unfair to overhype a player, it is unfair to limit the coverage of another.

If it is possible for a QB to blossom in just one game, I believe we just witnessed it. One game will not change my pre-draft grade of Dart, but it does appear that my thesis on him is right on track. However, when it comes to the NFL Draft, he should not be in any rush.

I strongly urge Dart to return to college for the 2024 season. He can easily compete to be one of the top QBs selected after the finale of the season. It is simple math.

The film evidence

William Yanish III is a lifelong football fan. He’s from the little town of Crawford, Colorado. Along the way, he’s lived in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, and Brookings, Oregon. Quarterback Joe Montana was his idol growing up. A little bit of CTE from life’s adventures killed his dreams as a football player. Now, he is an aspiring writer and Draft Analyst at He is also on He’s a fanatic with a dream and it is coming true.

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