The Reality of QB Busts

The most underrated thing, in all of football, is the politics that exist. Not giving a player an honest evaluation is key. Just like Johnny Manziel.

The word “Politics” is something that I have seen my entire life in sports.

From all-star Little League baseball all the way to college football, I have dealt with this since I was a little kid. Playing with kid’s lives is a dangerous thing.

The same thing happens every year between prospects like Trey Lance and Anthony Richardson. It is completely unfair to the player. At First Round Mock, our unofficial motto is that the film never lies.

I’ve spoken about this at different times. My articles have had that flow from the beginning. Painting a picture in your head about what I see on film is my ultimate goal.

No one is ever 100% right.

San Francisco QB Trey Lance is not it. Colts QB Anthony Richardson is a bust. USC QB Caleb Williams is not generational. He is immature. These QB’s never had a chance. It is unfair to everyone involved. They were trumped up to sell their image. Owners wanting to put asses in the seats.

Another BIG Three for first round busts.

What more do you want me to say? My evaluations are spot on. I promise you that. Some of the easiest reports that I have ever done.

It is just the reality of the situation. Over-grading is just not fair to anyone, including fans. The history is long, but distinguished. The ultimate goal is the Super Bowl. Are any of these prospects capable of that? Brock Purdy is. We are talking about busts, though.

William Yanish III is a lifelong football fan. He’s from the little town of Crawford, Colorado. Along the way, he’s lived in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, and Brookings, Oregon. Quarterback Joe Montana was his idol growing up. A little bit of CTE from life’s adventures killed his dreams as a football player. Now, he is an aspiring writer and Draft Analyst at He is also on He’s a fanatic with a dream and it is coming true.

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